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Earth Day by LIL / MAREVIVO

by Veronica Varetta |  | 1 comment

WHAT: Earth Day

WHO: You and me and everybody else.

WHEN: April 22th 2021

WHERE: Online. You buy, we give.

WHY: It's Earth Day, we want to help and you can help us help.

LIL’s founder and CEO, Veronica Varetta, decided to donate 10% of sales to MAREVIVO.

What's MAREVIVO? a no profit organization committed to clean Italian beaches. Together with you, we will adopt our favorite beach for its protection.
Manual and periodic cleaning of waste, the purchase of equipment of small rowing boats to recover waste even from the sea. Be part of the change.

Why this decision? not only because it's Earth day but actually because our planet is 70% sea. It's our little contribute to clean our beaches and oceans.

A few data?

1. The sea is the house of 98% if the animals living on the planet.

2. The sea produces half of the oxygen we breathe.

3. The sea is in serious danger and therefore we were too.

psst: clean beaches = shiny summer

Our little goal:
We reached 2600€ to donate at MAREVIVO.
Our community of amazing people choose to save Baia dei Peschici - Puglia 

Comments (1)

  • Giorgia on April 23, 2021

    Bellissima iniziativa! <3

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